Optimal function, maximum performance

We offer a complete solution for the Powerpack installation that allows us to design a package that completely meets our customers' needs. We know that every day we must deliver high and long-term values for our customers.

Who are we?

G-TEK provides Powerpack installations for OEM manufacturers of mobile vehicles in northern Europe. Our customers are active in mining, material handling, forestry, defense, railways and other branches.

What do we do?

Our passion is to design the optimal Powerpack installation. G-TEK's focus is to provide superior technical solutions and outstanding service.

Our unique concept

Year after year, sales of maintenance parts have increased among our customers. We have a fully developed concept to support sales for our customers.

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Optimized powerpack installations

G-TEK offers Powerpack installations for OEM manufacturers of mobile vehicles in northern Europe. Our customers are active in mining, construction, materials handling, forestry, army, railways and other industries. Most of our customers manufacture premium vehicles and many of them are world leaders in technology in their field. We deliver globally to our customers' production facilities and work very closely with their technical development teams in the long term - most located in Sweden, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and Finland.

Efficient and reliable logistics solutions

In recent years, G-TEK has introduced 5S concepts in our production, prototype workshop and warehousing operations. We continuously strive to improve efficiency and quality. In parallel, we have tailored software developed by IT consultants to manage the supply chain flow. Today we have the opportunity to handle, analyze and improve customer forecasts correctly. Several of our customers can not give us a forecast and therefore our advanced software can predict and generate forecasts as well as security inventory levels.

ISO 9001
ISO 14001

G-TEK is ISO 9001 certified, which establishes that our products and services are safe, reliable and of good quality. The ISO 9001 quality system is integrated into G-TEK's business process and helps reduce costs by minimizing waste, errors and increasing productivity.

ISO 14001 certification states that G-TEK is aware of our environmental responsibility. We are constantly working for more environmentally friendly activities such as recycling, packaging and transport.

Flexible Production

For all types of pipes and hoses G-TEK requires only a few days work, from our customers initial idea of the installation until we can propose a design and have products manufactured. In our design proposal all necessary criteria from serial production are taken into consideration.

The combination of our personnels skills & passion and our inhouse production capacity of plastic Air Inlet pipes and our workshop for Metallic pipes gives us the necessary conditions. Our customers value G-TEKs capacity to supply engineering work and prototypes in a flexible and fast way - very often including changes of design at a late stage and yet achieving quick results.

Answers to your questions: No problem!

We value our relationship with our customers very highly and it should always be easy to get in contact with us. With our in-depth understanding and passion for our customer applications, we can always turn around both changes to existing products as well as new products very quickly and accurately.

Environment and sustainability

G-TEK undertakes to carry out environmental work with an effort to limit and reduce its environmental impact, including its climate impact, and to observe the precautionary principle. The supplier must have routines to minimize emissions to land, air and water and to promote recycling and reuse. The supplier is encouraged to develop and disseminate environmentally friendly technology when appropriate and in other ways have proactive environmental work, for example to make energy and resource use more efficient.

G-TEK proactively monitors its customers' development also with regard to environmentally friendly solutions such as hybrid, fuel cell and other electrification solutions. We work continuously to adapt our products and system solutions to new environmental requirements.